Ashtanga yoga workshop and open classes with Andrea Lutz

29th November 2013 - 1st December 2013 (from Friday to Sunday)

Location: Gerincjóga Központ (Budapest 1078, 58 Nefelejcs street)

Andrea Lutz comes again to Budapest to hold a primary series workhop, Mysore and led ashtanga classes. The aim of the weekend workshop is to deepen practice, so participants are expected to have some knowledge of ashtanga (ie. they pratice the first series at least until navasana). Andrea is following the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Yoga, she was authorised to teach the primary and the intermediate series by Manju P. Jois, the eldest son of Patthabi Jois. We recommend the workshop for all ashtangis who want to deepen their knowledge in Ashtanga and a new inspiration and focus in their personal practice.

Andrea Lutz will spend 3 days in Budapest, during which she holds open led and mysore classes , as well as a weekend workshop (2x3hrs) and she will be assisted by ashtanga yoga teacher Aris Kapetanakis.




Andrea Lutz

Andrea has been actively engaged in the different traditions of yoga since more then 25 years. Following many years of studying Shivananda and Iyengar Yoga, her first contact with Ashtanga Yoga was in 1997. Since then, her fascination and involvement with this unique form of yoga has steadily increased. She has been a yoga teacher since 1995 and in 2000 her focus in practice and teaching shifted completely to traditional Ashtanga Yoga. In May 2005 she opened the Ashtanga Studio Berlin.

Andrea is following the traditional lineage carried by Manju P. Jois and Nancy Gilgoff. In recent years she has been practicing with and learning from them both on several workshops, teacher trainings and on long study visits to Maui/ Hawaii where she goes every year since 2006 to learn from Nancy Gilgoff and to deepen her own practice.

In 2009 Manju P. Jois authorised Andrea to teach the Primary and the Intermediate Seriesand she has his blessing to teach into the advanced Series.




To participate you need to have prior knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and should be familiar with the Primary Series at least up to Navasana (boat position). For advanced yogis this workshop is an opportunity to further explore the various aspects of Ashtanga Yoga and as a result deepen and refine their own practice.The workshop will be taught in English. 


Friday (29th Nov)

18.00-20.00 Led class

Saturday (30th Nov)

10.00-12.00 Mysore Ashtanga

13.00-16.00 Primary series workshop - part 1

Sunday (1st Dec)

10.00-12.00 Mysore Ashtanga

13.00-16.00 Primary series workshop - part 2


Primary Series Workshop:

The aim of the workshop is to deepen the practice. Andrea emphasizes the work with the breath, the bandhas and how to use weight and gravity, to enable the practitioner to flow through the practice gracefully with an inherent ease and softness. We work on developing our inner strength, originating from the bandha work to release all unnecessary tension in the body.

Focus of the workshop: strength from the bandhas, working with weight and gravity, focus points: drishtis, Meditation and easy Pranayama, deep relaxation, question and answer



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Location:: Gerincjóga Központ (Budapest 1078, 58 Nefelejcs street)


2-day workshop: 110 €

Mysore classes: 15 € / class

Led class: 10 €

Altogether: 150 €

You can apply for the workshop here or by writing an email to Please pay a deposit to secure your place at the workshop. You can pay at the Studio (reception 16.00-20.00) or you can transfer the deposit.












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Mandala Jóga Liget
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Mandala jóga Újbuda
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Mandala Jóga Szeged
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Mandala Jóga Pécs
7623 Pécs, Petőfi Sándor u. 56.

Mandala Jóga Debrecen
4025 Debrecen, Piac u. 45-47.


Harsági Judit
0670 604 6599


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